Network Infrastructure


Copper & Fibre Infrastructure

Prime Data are experienced cabling specialists who provide bespoke IT infrastructure and networking solutions for organisations of all sizes, all over the UK. We have gained a reputation in offering cost effective copper and fibre cabling solutions without compromising in quality.

Our network cabling installation specialists supply and install data network services consisting of Cat5 Cat6, Cat7 and fibre optic cabling to clients in the public and private sectors.

Resilient Networks

Mission critical infrastructure networks need resilience. They provide fresh drinking water to our homes and workplaces, 24/7 electricity, waste water systems, regular and reliable rail services, traffic control, global marine transportation of goods and more.

We deliver resilience through leading software and hardware platforms. As an accredited Avaya specialist we provide highly reliable switches running resilient network protocols that dramatically reduce the risk of network failure.

Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is all about having the correct amount of capacity optimized for your IT environment.

Prime Data provides capacity planning solutions to ensure that our clients are never impacted by capacity issues and that IT is allocating capacity properly.

Prime Data can help you to plan, manage, and report on IT capacity across all your servers, applications, and networks.